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How Can A UPS Store Near Me Help My Business?
You would be surprised how many things you can get done in a UPS store. Tasks that usually took me days to solve and visits to all kinds of different locations throughout the city can now all be solved in a UPS store near me. And you can benefit from the many services UPS is offering, no matter what type of business or personal venture you’re running. Here are some of the tasks that can easily be done in a UPS store in a matter of hours instead of days. And you also have the guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with their services.

UPS Stores Can Help You With Paperwork For Your Small Business

When I found out that I can get my documents notarized in the UPS store near me I was simply baffled. I didn’t know it and I used to wait in line at the notary, messing up my schedule. If you want to start a business or if you have documents you need to be handled, you can have everything organized by UPS. People especially love the “Start a small business” service offered by them. They offer a package deal in which scanning, printing, faxing, and even shredding is included. On top of that, you can get anything notarized on the spot. And you can also get a business address with a real street name that can be hosted by their location. UPS even notifies you when new mail is delivered to your business address. Never lose documents again with the UPS mailbox solutions.

The UPS Business Plans And Financing

Not only that they will help you with all the paperwork, but UPS can even help you with planning your business. They’ve recently launched solutions for people who want to start a business but don’t have experience as entrepreneurs. The most impressive thing they offer is the business plan development solution. Basically, you will get a consultant who knows the legislation and who will turn your business idea into a business plan, explaining everything you need to do in order to have your small venture up and running legally and efficiently. More than that, you can even access their small business finance solutions. Because this service is a bit more complex, we will abstain from making any comments or descriptions on it. We recommend going to a UPS Store near you and asking for personal assistance. They will better explain everything!

Printing Solutions For Business Marketing

Once you have your small business up and running, you need clients. Don’t wait for clients to show up. You need to reach out to them. And a UPS store near you can help you with all the printing solutions you need for your first marketing campaign. First of all, you need a banner. And they offer banner printings on all kinds of materials and in any size you want. You can also get your business out there with the solutions for handout prints. UPS can help you design your logo, business card, and any other printed material you need, from flyers and posters to menus and pamphlets. You’ll be able to choose the paper on which your business marketing will be done, from simple sheets that are cheaper to fancy cardboard or laminated supports.

Walk Into A UPS Store Near You To Get A Solution For Your Shipping

We live in a time when so many businesses are moving online. There are countless stores with no physical locations. No matter what you sell, as long as it can be shipped, you can sell it online. If your business plan requires products shipping, UPS can help you with convenient solutions. Don’t just drop parcels for your clients at their locations. Walk inside and tell them about your business. They can offer you discounts and even have someone come pick up packages from your locations, saving you lots of time and money in the process. On top of that, they even offer you mailing supplies. You might not take this aspect of your business into consideration. But not thinking about the shipping supplies ahead of time can cost. Don’t just deliver your products in old cardboard boxes or paper envelopes you have laying around the house. They can offer you all the supplies you need for your shipping volume. You can even request branded shipping supplies. Your packages will look more professional and the clients will be impressed.